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About us

SiltumaCentrs - the company, which employs real professionals. SiltumaCentrs is the only company in Latvia that provides a full range of services for chimneys that it sell - a free consultation, free delivery throughout Latvia, complete chimney guarantee of the manufacturer, post-warranty service.

"" was founded in 2004 and in that time has become one of the industry's leading companies in Latvia. In the Latvian market, we are the leader in flue trade and represent Czech "Th Ceramic".

New: Tiled stoves.

In our website "" you will also find the leading manufacturers products by very good prices.

The offer: "Kawmet" "Nordflam", "La Braise", "BEF Home", "La Nordica-EXTRAFLAME" "Plamen" products.

What we do?

We sell fireplaces and chimneys, delivery throughout Latvia, as well as installation. We have a high-standard service.

Our mission:

Providing high quality services according to each customer's needs and expectations, adhere to the "" basic values in daily work with clients and partners.

Striving for perfection and to be the best in your job done, committing to:

* be honest in everything we do;

* business based on open and equal partner relationships;

* work in accordance with company quality standards;

* continue to develop and improve, always be at the forefront of the changing business environment;

* be aware of our employees' value and contribute to the company's growth, * to find and attract the best of their craftsmen;

* create and maintain a work environment where every employee and his work contributed to appreciate and properly assessed.

Our clients

Our clients are You! Everyone who dreams of warmth and comfort in their home.