Ceramic chimneys

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After receiving the order, we will contact you to specify the most convenient time and place of

delivery. We provide the supply of goods on weekdays and Saturdays. In Riga the next day, in

Latvia within 3 days of receipt of order. Possible changes to the delivery date, which may affect

the availability of goods and the specific position of the supplier.

Delivery of goods takes place on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00, on Saturday from 9.00 to

15.00. Payment can be in cash or by transfer.

Package includes:

condensate tray, cleaning tee, ceramic pipes, chimney blocks, mineral wool insulation, cleaning doors, ceramic glue, ventilation grille, connection insulation, sheds,

installation instructions, manufacturer's certificate.


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ceramic chimney

ceramic chimney

Ventilation channels:
€435.00 €555.00